Products and Services

Saddle Fitting Evaluations – New and Used Saddles –

Flocking Adjustments – Movement Evaluations

Rider Balance – Saddle and Tack Repairs


  • Fit Evaluation- $50
  • New Saddle Trial- $75
  • Flock Adjustment- $100 (Includes fit evaluation)
  • Strip and Reflock- $200
  • Foam/Cair/Flair to Wool Conversion- $225
  • Billets- $20 per billet
  • Other Repairs- $100 per hour
  • Deep Clean- $30 (this will get included automatically if your saddle is really dirty)
  • Mileage- $0.58 per mile round trip (will be split among people seen that day)

What to expect at your appointment… Each appointment lasts approximately an hour and a half. This includes taking a tracing, palpating your horse, getting a history of you and your horse, gait evaluations, watching you ride, and adjusting your saddle as it needs. At this time I will also inform you of what I see and my recommendation if there needs to be something done beyond what I can do that day. Please ask any questions or address any concerns you may have, and if there is a specific concern about your saddle while riding I will need to see the issue.

Cancellation Policy- I need 48 hours advance notice if you need to cancel your appointment. The farther I am travelling the more notice I will need.



  • Dressage – Jump – Event
  • Special ordered for you and your horse
  • Variety of Leathers and colors to customize to your style
  • Variety of tree shapes and sizes
  • Wool flocked and made in England
  • Check them out online at Takt Saddlery


  • Dressage – Jump – Event – Icelandic – Pony – Trekker Endurance – All Purpose – Bridles – Girths – Apparel – Stirrups – Leathers
  • Many options to choose from for you and your horses comfort
  • Prestige Italia

Used Saddles on Consignment

I have a variety of used saddles on consignment. I carry them as a way to give my clients a budget friendly saddle and an avenue to sell a saddle. The saddles range from 16.5″ seat to 19″ seats. I only take saddles I feel I can sell, and I will put work into them to add value as I see fit.

Payments Accepted

Services- Cash, Check, Paypal

Saddles and Accessories- Cash, Check, Credit Cards(Square)

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