My name is Mikayla Pick, owner of the Saddle Gal. I live in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont on a farm with sheep, horses, cats, dogs, and other animals.

I grew up riding horses and competing in gymnastics. My first pony arrived at my house when I was 6, she taught me all the ropes in 4H and out on the trail. My mom always had horses, so naturally I have always had them, we mostly rode on the trail and did local clinics and shows.

In college I was introduced to the idea of dressage, and have never looked back! I attended Vermont Technical College and University of Vermont and graduated with a double degree in Equine Science and Nutrition and Food Sciences. While at UVM, I was on the dressage team which is where I was introduced to the idea of saddle fitting as a career. So, I put it in my back pocket to be aware of as I pursued my career in Equine Nutrition. That didn’t work out so I pursued other jobs until I remembered saddle fitting!

So, two and a half years ago I started my saddle fitting career. My first introduction to the idea of saddles and fitting was with Bates and Wintec. I was able to get training and learn about the technology in those saddles. After getting experience with that brand, I realized I wanted more as there are so many more brands out there and so many different horse and rider combinations. So, I signed up to get certified through the Saddle Guy in Camden, NC since he does independent certifications and he’s not in England. I also chose this specific course as I wanted something that focused on anatomy and biomehcanics of both horse and rider.

There is so much that goes into saddle fitting, and I love it! It’s so satisfying when the horse and rider just relax into the saddle and are able to perform better. Horses have so much to tell us, and often we forget to listen. There are many ways they try to tell us about improper saddle fit, or they try to hide it. Some of the issues we may see are bucking, rearing, kicking out, girthiness, unwilling to move forward, problems bending, bolting, spooky, disengagement behind, not coming over their back, leaning on the forehand, and many other things. And from a rider standpoint, the saddle should help riders balance and have effective seats. If the seat is the wrong size, the flaps the wrong angle and length, improper blocks, balanced poorly, the rider will never be able to truly ride correctly. So, I am here to work with you and your horse be the best you can be!

What People Say

Mikayla came and fitted my horse for his new Wintec Pro Endurance saddle. She was professional, knowledgeable, and patient with my constant barrage of questions! I love my saddle. Thank you!!

Julia Mercon

Mikayla came out today. I’ve got a 3 year old mule and an opportunity to take him to a starting clinic. So he needs a saddle – stat! She brought some of her saddles that she thought might work for my mule. We also tried things I already had in the barn. Ultimately, she worked with my impatient young boy and found a saddle for that should work for both of us. I’m so appreciative of the work she does. I bet he’ll be appreciative in a couple weeks, too.

Lisa Whitney

Happy Backs for Horse and Rider!

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